My bObi at Work


If you have a studio/business with 30 or more active clients, you are eligible to take advantage of our marketing campaign and adopt bObi to keep your mind free of floor cleaning!





Who is bObi


bObi is a newborn baby girl from bObsweep, Canada's premier robotic vacuum manufacturer. She is arguably the most technologically advanced and inarguably the cutest robot out there, happy to be adopted and trained to take care of the toughest of chores--vacuuming and mopping.





Why are we contacting studio owners of all people?


We want everyone, especially those who spend their time with more rewarding activities than vacuuming, to know how easily and efficiently bObi can do the job on their behalf. We believe that on the one hand your clients are our best audience, and on the other hand your studio may be where bObi’s help is most needed. If this is true, then you are a great candidate for our offer!





So what is the offer?


We will send you a brand new bObi, with a comprehensive plan that covers ALL costs associated with bObi’s maintenance as well as shipping fees.

You will pay a flat monthly fee of $14.99 (no extra/hidden charges). There is no obligation and you may choose to cancel your subscription at any time without a fee. We will send you a prepaid label to ship bObi back and stop your next monthly payment.

You must agree that you will keep bObi in your studio only, where your clients can see her.

We will provide you fliers with your specific discount code offering your clients 50% discount on select products. Each time someone shops using your unique discount code, we will waive one of your monthly payments. In addition, for each ten (10) purchases made using your code, you will also receive a $200 check in the mail form us! For example, if 20 of your clients/friends use your discount code to purchase a robot in the first two years of your subscription, you will have paid for only 4 months and received $400 too!





Always up-to-date!


To keep you up to date as technology advances, when you continue with your subscription for 2 consecutive years, we will award you with the option to replace your bObi with our latest and highest-end robot vacuum of the time, with no increase to your monthly fee. We will send you the brand new robot free of charge, with a label to return the retired bObi to us.