Tech made simple


No need to know tech jargon to understand bObi; just press GO! and watch her happily hum across your floors.



bobi classic robot vacuum and mop




Made to multitask


With her 5-in-1 cleaning powers, bObi hits the floor with everything she’s got. Her heavy-duty vacuum extracts dirt and dust while her trio of brushes reel in larger bits and scraps; attach her mop and bObi finishes with a shine. To go the extra mile, bObi’s UV light kills floor bacteria while her built-in HEPA filter traps harmful airborne particles.



5 in 1 cleaning system bobi robot vacuum





Customize your clean


Come home to spotless floors every time, any time: program bObi’s cleaning schedule on her remote and she self-starts on the days you wish.



bobi robotic vacuum's remote can schedule cleaning time





Always juiced for the job


bObi zips back to her charging station to “juice up” when she’s low on energy.



automated charging feature of bobi robotic vacuum and mop


The power of three


bObi’s cleaning functions stay within reach, simplified to just 3 touchscreen buttons.

GO!    activates advanced movement algorithms to cover the most ground. bObi cruises across rooms, trails along walls and edges, and extends her diameter until all debris is done and dusted.

WAFFLE    targets a dense spill area. bObi traces a grid pattern on the spill zone to treat it with special attention.

JUICE    locates charging station and auto-recharges. bObi finds her charging station and plugs herself in for a drink of battery juice. bObi knows to fuel up when her energy level hits 15%.


bobi robotic vacuum and mop


Follows your floor plan


Wall-to-wall coverage

bObi travels along the perimeter of your room, flinging pesky dust bunnies out of the baseboards and into her dustbin.

Always gets the dirt

Dusty floors, high-traffic areas, and small spills ping bObi’s highly sensitive dirt sensors.

Finely tuned sensors

Over 80 sensors detect walls, edges, platforms, and other obstacles in bObi’s cleaning path.



bobi can fit under the cabinets, beds, and sofas



Groundbreaking design


Petite and ready to sweep

Slides under beds, couches, and coffee tables with ease.

Fleece as white as snow

bObi’s glossy, snow-white design is making waves as a fashionable way to clean, outshining the haze of dull, bulky appliances.



sleek design, bobi robotic vacuum and mop



Safe for your home; safe for the environment


bObi fully complies with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive: every single one of her parts is absolutely free of hazardous materials that other robotic vacuums may contain, such as that of lead, mercury, and cadmium.



bobi robotic vacuum and mop rohs certified