Frequently Asked Questions


What exactly does bObi do?

bObi is a multifunctional and intelligent automated floor cleaner. She mops, vacuums, sweeps and sterilizes your floors autonomously. bObi uses a smart robotic navigation system to move around and through rooms. Her 80 sensors and radio frequency technology detect obstacles and prevent her from falling off edges.



What surfaces will bObi work on?

bObi can clean almost any type of flooring — she works great on tile, hardwood, carpet, marble, and linoleum.



How does bObi keep from falling down stairs?

bObi has floor detection sensors on her belly that confirm when there are surfaces beneath her. Any time her sensors detect that there is no floor underneath her (when she approaches a stairway or ledge), she backs away so that she won’t fall down.



Can bObi work on wet floors?

bObi will clean drops of water from the floor and will work on a slightly damp floor, but, like a vacuum, she is not designed to work on very wet floors or puddles.



Can bObi work outdoors?

bObi was designed to work in indoor spaces, like homes, offices, art studios, and the like.



How loud is bObi?

bObi produces less than 60 decibels as she works, compared to around 90 decibels for many upright vacuums. A typical conversation is about 68 decibels, to give you a reference point. bObi is quiet enough that most people can work without being distracted by her noise, and still hear things like the phone or doorbell ringing. If you are sensitive to sound, though, you can always program bObi to work while you are not around, so that you never have to hear her work!



How hard is it to operate bObi?

bObi’s intuitive design means that you won’t need to spend longer than a few minutes setting her up. After her first charge, press Go! on her touchscreen or remote and let her go to work as you read through her manual.



When does bObi need to recharge? How long will she run on a full charge?

bObi takes 4-5 hours to get a full charge (0% to 100%). bObi’s running time depends on the type of floor she is cleaning, the speed she is set on, the age of the battery, etc. On average she works anywhere between 1 to 1.5 hours on a full battery. When her battery life falls below 15%, she automatically starts to look for her charging station. Before her first use, it is best to allow bObi to  charge for 12-14 hours.



How much space can bObi cover?

bObi can work in rooms of any size, however she delivers optimal results in spaces of 1000 square feet or less. If you want to use bObi in a larger space, you can close some of the doors to divide the space, or you may lay bObi blOck across the area to create an invisible boundary she won’t cross.



Will bObi pick up dog and cat hair?

Yes! bObi was designed to pick up dog and cat hair and everything in between - the perfect solution for pet owners.



What about long hair?

bObi is equipped with not one, but two large main brushes, which make her extremely effective at picking up long hair. Most other robot vacuums have smaller brushes, which are not as efficient when it comes to gathering larger debris or long hair.



How often do I have to empty bObi’s dustbin?

It is recommended that you empty bObi’s bin after one or two cleaning jobs but this mainly depends on the volume of cleaning that she does. The good news is you can wash bObi's bin under running water! Simply detach the vacuum motor and the dustbin is ready to wash!



How often do I need to change bObi’s HEPA filter?

It is recommended that you clean bObi’s HEPA filter every week and replace the filter every 3-6 months.



How do I clean bObi’s mopping pads?

You can wash them in the sink or better yet, toss them in your laundry! bObi’s microfiber mopping cloths are machine washable and she comes with two, so you can use one while the other is in the wash.



Does bObi come with a warranty or customer service help?

Yes! bObi is covered by a one-year warranty, five years of subsidized repair and a lifetime of support and service. This all comes with the purchase of a new bObi from any of our authorized retailers and you do NOT need to buy a special warranty or support plan to ask us for help. No matter how much time has passed since you purchased bObi, our helpful support team is always ready to answer your questions.



Where can I buy spare parts?

Extra parts are available for purchase right here on our website. With bObi's modular design, and our instruction videos, you can change each individual part easily if it gets old or damaged. 


What are bObi’s dimensions and weight?

bObi is 3.2” (8 cm) tall and 12” (30 cm) in diameter. She weighs about 6.5 lbs (2.9kg).



Why is a HEPA filter important?

bObi’s HEPA filter helps protect you and your family from tiny particles that contain harmful allergens, such as dust mite waste, mold, and pollen. HEPA filters can help asthma and allergy sufferers by reducing the amount of these particles that we come into contact with on a daily basis.



What is the UV light for?

Ultraviolet light is an electromagnetic radiation found in sunlight.



Will bObi damage my furniture?

No. bObi’s 80 sensors help her detect her surroundings and avoid most obstacles. She may occasionally touch objects gently to detect them, but her sensors prevent her from driving into obstacles after the initial contact.



What kind of battery does bObi use?

bObi uses a 14.4V nickel-metal hydride battery that takes about four hours for a full charge. The remote control works with 2 AAA batteries.



What differentiates bObi from bObsweep and bObsweep PetHair?

bObi is our newest innovation and combines many of the best features of bObsweep and bObsweep PetHair. She is not only great at picking up PetHair pet hair and household debris, but she is also our most effective automated cleaner yet. The main differences between bObi and her brothers are the use of radio frequencies instead of infrared signals, so that bObi may better detect her charging station,  dual underbelly brushes, an updated remote, improved sensors, the addition of a touchscreen, washable dustbin, and an updated, slimmer design.



How does bObi compare to other robotic vacuum cleaners?

bObi is more a way of life than a vacuum cleaner. Unlike most other robotic vacuums, bObi performs multiple functions – sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, sterilizing, and filtering your allergens – at once. bObi’s larger than average main brush and her unique design with a side brush give her the edge when it comes to cleaning ability. She wipes the floor with her detachable microfiber mopping cloth at the same time as she vacuums. While vacuuming and mopping, she helps sterilize the floors with her UV lamp. But that’s not all: bObi has a HEPA filter that gets rid of the microscopic particles and allergens that regular vacuum cleaners miss, and uses her superior brushes to collect debris and hair that other robot vacuums may not.On top of it all, bObi is free of hazardous substances and environmentally friendly (RoHS certified) and can be programmed to clean based on your busy schedule.



What comes in the box?

Inside bObi’s box, you will find: bObi, her charging station, charging adapter, remote control, Owner’s Manual, mop attachment, mopping pads (2), side brushes (2), filters, a cleaning brush, syncing tool, pack of blindfold stickers, screwdriver, an extra main brush, and a battery.