How often do you like to change your work clothes? bObi is all about cleanliness. A regular cleaning of her brushes and dustbin ensure that she cleans best for you too. But after a while her brushes, filters, and mop start getting older and that’s when bObi would appreciate a replacement of her work clothes. Although the frequency of replacing bObi’s consumable parts depends on how often she is used for cleaning, a quarterly replacement would be ideal.

You will receive four new sets of consumable parts, which are like bObi's work clothes: new filters, main brushes, side brushes, and new mops. With easy instructions on how to replace the filters, brushes, and the mop, your bObi will look as if she just got a designer upgrade to his wardrobe. Keep your bObi Classic good looking and shiny and she will do the same to your floors!


What this coverage gives you:

With the Rejuvenation Kit you will receive:

4 Main Brushes (2 Black + 2 Blue)

2 Side Brushes  

2 Filters

and a pack of 2 Mop Cloths


Shipping is on us! 


How long this coverage or service lasts:

The Rejuvenation Kit lasts for one (1) year from the day you receive bObi Robot Vacuum.


Only the cost of the Rejuvenation Kit for $59. We will ship you the Rejuvenation Kit within 3 months of purchase.

Other Conditions:

Coverage is limited to a Rejuvenation Kit during the first year.

Shipping is limited to Canada and United States.


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