replacement plan bObi Pet

Was bObi cleaning your garage when you accidentally drove over her? With the Replacement Plan, bObi is insured against any damage, theft or other accidents. Whatever the cause of your bObi's accident may be, just contact us and we will send a brand new and shiny bObi to your doorstep, at a small service charge of $69. Sounds great, right? What makes this coverage plan irresistible is that the replacement bObi comes with a brand new two-year warranty; so that’s pretty much like buying a new bObi Pet!

What this coverage gives you:

The Replacement Plan allows you to replace your damaged unit with a brand-new one up to two (2) times within the first two years of purchase.

How long this coverage or service lasts:

The Replacement Plan lasts for two (2) years starting from the day you receive your original purchase of bObi Pet. 


Besides the cost of the Replacement Plan ($149), each replacement is subject to a $69 service charge, which includes all shipping fees associated with the replacement.

Other conditions:

We reserve the right to ask you to ship your old unit back to us. If we ask you to do so, there will be no additional cost to you (we will send you a pre-paid shipping label). If we do not ask you to ship us your old unit, you may keep or dispose of your old unit, but upon receiving the replacement unit, any remaining warranty on your old unit will be nullified. Your replacement unit is covered just like a new purchase of bObi Pet! It comes with a 2-yr warranty, 5 years of co-pay and lifetime of support.

Replacement units ship to Canada and the United States only.

Replacement units are NOT eligible for a refund.


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