bObi's master coverage plan - bobi warranty

You do not have to pay for all three of the coverage plans to have a complete peace of mind. You can have it all with the Master Plan: you will get the 3 plans (Replacement + Checkup + Rejuvenation) at a fraction of the cost. Purchasing this plan is equivalent to purchasing all three of these plans individually: Replacement plan, Checkup Plan and Rejuvenation Plan.



How long this coverage or service lasts:

This coverage plan lasts for two years. Please see "How long does this coverage or service lasts" section of each individual plan (Replacement, Checkup, and Rejuvenation) to see the exact duration of each section of the coverage.


Besides the cost of the Master Plan ($289) each replacement bObi is subject to a $69 service charge, which includes all shipping fees associated with the replacement.

Other Conditions:

The shipping costs are only covered in Canada and the United States.

We reserve the right to ask you to ship your old unit back to us. If we ask you to do so, there will be no additional cost to you (we will send you a pre-paid shipping label). If we do not ask you to ship us your old unit, you may keep or dispose of your old unit, but upon receiving the replacement unit, any remaining warranty on your old unit will be nullified. Your replacement unit is covered just like a new purchase of bObi Pet! It comes with a 2-yr warranty, 5 years of co-pay and lifetime of support.

Replacement units are NOT eligible for a refund.


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