bObi Pet | Error codes

If bObi encounters a problem, an Error Code will appear on the remote control to notify you of the issue. Below is a video that explains the error codes in detail and a list of errors and their corresponding solution(s).







Error Code


What to check


What to do




Floor Detection Sensors


Wipe the 4 floor detection sensors on bObi’s underside. If this error shows continuously when bObi is running on a dark colored flooring, use her blindfold stickers to cover her sensors.




Main Brush



Open and take out the main brushes and clean them thoroughly from end to end. If the problem is occurring on a soft carpet or rug, switch the main brush to bObi’s carpet brush (main brush with thick blue bristles).




Battery Charge


If bObi's battery is 100% empty, she won't be able to charge using her station; plug bObi directly into the adapter using the port below her ON/OFF switch. bObi’s screen will flash and turn on, and she will make a short chirping sound. Let bObi sit for about 30 minutes, then unplug her. Turn the side switch to OFF then back ON and put her on her station to complete charging.







Check bObi’s wheels for jamming. Use compressed air to remove dust or debris.






bObi’s dustbin is installed improperly or the vacuum motor’s contact points are blocked or bent. Take out the dustbin, empty it, and clean the connector electrodes. Check that the connector electrodes (two metal prongs on bObi) spring freely and are not stuck or bent. If one or both of the electrodes is stuck, use a screwdriver to gently pull the metal tab up and out to free it. Carefully reinstall the dustbin, ensuring that it is fully engaged.