bObi picks up where the mess leaves off



Vacuum, sweep, and mop simultaneously — all in one GO!

With just the push of a button, bObi automatically glides across your floors to pick up dirt and dust. Her unsparing suction power and trio of brushes whisk away dirt and grime, leaving behind a spotless shine. Following right behind is her attachable mop, finishing your floors with a fine polish. To prep for the next GO!, bObi automatically plugs into her station to recharge.

Lift a finger, but only once. Let bObi do the rest.


bobi classic robotic vacuum and mop

bobi cleaning the room




bObi Classic — the perfect fit


Fits your space With a slim frame and 80+ highly responsive area sensors, bObi slips easily underneath furniture and steers clear of steep drops.

Fits your schedule bObi automatically starts up at any time of the week you desire when you set her customizable schedule — a convenient routine you can count on.

Fits your style Her graceful, minimalist design delivers a noticeable polish to both your floors and your home decor.


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bobi classic robotic vacuum cleaner and mop by bobsweep in snow

bobi robotic vacuum cleaner at home



bObi Pet — the best in show


bObi Pet inherits all the capabilities of bObi Classic, but with added boosts to all her tricks — increased vacuum power, prolonged battery life, an unrivaled warranty plan, stunning colors, and a new coat of the one-of-a-kind TouchMe™ texture.

Go ahead. Shed. bObi’s upgraded turbo suction motor reaches deep to collect all the fur and dirt trapped within the fibers of your carpet.

Cleaning marathon champion bObi Pet’s longer-lasting battery extends her endurance, so she’s fit to cover more ground and finish victorious.

Exclusive TouchMe™ texture Feel it and you’ll never forget it: smooth, satiny, and immersive. The luxurious TouchMe™ texture covers bObi Pet’s surface in a silky sensation unlike any other.



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bobi pet robot vacuum cleaner

bobi pet robotic vacuum cleaner and mop by bobsweep




bObi blOck makes room for you


bObi’s latest accessory, bObi blOck, helps you partition off any area of your home! Place blOck along the area you want bObi to avoid, and she will clean around it as if you just drew an invisible boundary across the room. blOck is included with every bObi Pet but available separately from the bObi Classic package.


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bObi Pet blOck


bobi pet cleaning the room with kids playing





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